Zumba (via Monday Morning Fitness)

If you’ve asked yourself recently, what on earth is Zumba? Here’s the answer…  Well, as far as I already knew, the Zumba dance workout is a new fitness craze…

Ok, I hope I am not alone in wondering…”What is Zumba?!” I have tried every kind of fitness class except for Zumba. Maybe the name scares me or maybe its not as common as words like “pilates” or “kickboxing”. Because of my curiousity, I asked a wonderful friend, who also happens to be a Zumba instructor, to write here on the exciting and fast growing world of Zumba.   Hi! I’m Megan Ewoldsen and I’m a Zumba Fitness Instructor. A lot of you are p … Read More

via Monday Morning Fitness


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