Health and fitness blogging issues

For those looking to connect to other health and fitness blog writers, it can be more challenging than you would image.  Yes, it’s not easy to weed out the bad blogs health and fitness blogs.

Here’s a list of some good quality health and fitness blogs to make this search a little easier for you.

Health Habits

– Written by Douglas Robb, a personal trainer who lives in Toronto, it’s an entertaining and informative fitness blog that provides a wide range of information from specific workout tips, news and research, as well as info about workout supplements.

Supplement Updates

Supplement updates is a dietary supplement blog that provides news and research updates for nutrition, dietary supplements, vitamins, sport supplements, and other tips for weight loss as well as anti-aging.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a fitness blog maintained by Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead.  Jenn Walters is a certified personal trainer.  Both of the blog’s authors are journalism grads.  see:  Fit Bottomed Girls.

Just Flourishing

Written by Jenna Gubermann, an aspiring dietitian attending school in New York City:  Just Flourishing.

Train Daly –

Traindaly is a fitness blog maintained by a personal trainer in NYC with some good workout and exercise tips.


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