Green tea and your health

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=green+tea&iid=9267698″ src=”″ width=”500″ height=”688″ /]

Yeah, that’s Nicky Hilton in the above photo drinking green tea from what appears to be Starbucks.  Does Nicky Hilton know something that you don’t about the potential health benefits of green tea?  Well, the easy answer to that is just “maybe’ or ‘maybe not.’  Most people drink green tea for its refreshing taste.

Little know facts about green tea include that green tea can promote weight loss. From the linked study, participants lost 5.1 kg compared to placebo after just 8 weeks.  Now, that’s gotta be the easiest way to lose over 10 lbs I ever heard of.

Part of the reason for this might be the benefits of green tea on glucose tolerance.    It’s been shown to improve glucose tolerance in various studies.  It also has unrelated health benefits for your cardiovascular system and might prevent the development and progression of coronary calicification.

Though there are many health benefits from consuming green tea, it might actually lower your serum levels of folate.  This can be a particular concern for pregnant women.


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