How to Measure Your Own Health

Most people dread going to the doctor and undergoing a physical check up. Most times, people prolong their agonies and only visit the doctor’s clinic when the symptoms worsen. However, when it comes to our health, one must be his own advocate. It is important to pay attention to small warning signs that may indicate a bigger underlying health problem. And in any kind of illness, early intervention is important to a full recovery.

Here are a few warning signs that might indicate that you may need a thorough medical check up with your physician.

how to measure your own health

  • A warning sign of an underlying health problem is unintentional weight loss (AAFP). In the worse case scenario, unintentional weight loss may be an indication of onset of cancer (, thus it is very important to pay attention to it, especially if one has lost more than 10 pounds in the last six months.
  • On the other hand, unexplained weight gain may also be a warning sign of a health problem ( /
  • Another warning sign is experiencing frequent abdominal pain or the feeling of being bloated or becoming full very quickly. It is important to take note of the frequency, location of the pain as well as the severity of the pain (
  • Some people may have sudden craving for ice cubes or only wish to drink fluids and water, and often loses appetite. Additionally, if a person experiences change in his sense of taste, this might be an indication of a serious illness and the person should seek immediate medical attention (NY Times)
  • Additionally, if the person has unexplained bruises all over his body, this might also be a warning sign of illness such as leukaemia (
  • Another warning sign is the feeling of always being tired or feeling faint. He may also feel low in energy, loss of motivation and inability to focus. If a person experiences frequent headaches even after waking up in the morning, this might be a warning sign of a serious health condition (
  • If a person misses bowel movement, this might indicate a problem with his digestive system. Regular bowel movements should be daily ( .
  • There are also other factors that might increase the susceptibility of a person to illnesses. If a person is a smoker or living with a smoker, this may increase the chance for him to develop lung cancer (
  • If a person lives a sedentary lifestyle and exercises less than ninety minutes a week, this also increases his risk to illnesses such as hypertension and heart problems ( /

These are just basic warning signs but can be a good gauge of a person’s health. One must pay attention to small warning signs so that further tests and diagnostics can be done in order to identify health conditions every before they worsen. Dismissing these small symptoms can prove to be very costly once the illness has become too severe which may later on cost one’s life. Furthermore, it is important to have regular check ups with your physician to prevent such illnesses.


Improve your pecs with reverse grip bench press?

For many who spend hours per week in the gym, it can be difficult to put on muscle.  When you’re first starting out, it can be particularly hard to pack on muscle to increase the size of your pecs.  Ladies love and men work hard to build’em.  New research suggests that the reverse grip bench press can help you put on 30% more pectoral muscle mass!

Here’s a demonstration of the technique for doing reverse grip bench press:

Other related research suggests that ingesting caffeine prior to working out helped subjects complete more bench press repetitions and to use greater amounts of weight.


Happy lifting!

Dietary Supplements to increase strength and muscle mass?

If you spent hours every week in the gym lifting weights, you’d probably like to be able to cut your body fat and increase your lean muscle mass.  Starting with a healthy diet and adequate daily protein intake, you may find that you eventually hit that inevitable ‘plateau.’  For some people, they can get over that plateau for packing on muscle either by favorable genetics or by modifying their workout routine.

For others, they turn to supplementation with products designed to help you pack on muscle and increase your strength.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to decifer fact from fiction when it comes to bodybuilding supplements which are heavily promoted by marketing.

If you’re looking for supplements that have been well-researched, follow this link to find out which supplements help increase muscle mass and strength.

Here’s a peak at the list:

  • creatine monohydrate
  • whey protein
  • branched-chain amino acids
  • betaine
  • leucine
  • HMB

Also, while you’re at it, don’t miss these great protein shake recipes!

Benefits of the Gluten-Free Diet

One of the more popular diets over the past few years has been the Gluten-Free Diet.  For those with Celiac Disease, the gluten-free diet is a medical necessity, yet others are choosing to go gluten-free to benefit from the health advantages.

Gluten hasn’t historically been a normal component of our diet from an evolutionary perspective.  Some people suggest that they suffer from a whole host of health complaints that are related to consuming gluten.  In turn, they often choose to eliminate gluten from their diet.

If you’re thinking of going gluten-free yourself, here are some of the possible health benefits of the gluten-free diet.

Potential health benefits of the gluten-free diet:

  1. Improve digestion
  2. Improve energy levels
  3. Improve your skin (for those with hyperkeratosis pilaris)
  4. Lower your cholesterol levels

10 Healthy Living Tips

Here’s a collection of healthy living tips that our readers may find helpful.  If you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, and eat a healthy diet, these tips should give you a head start.

1.  Healthy Lunch Ideas –  While many of us don’t have much time to eat lunch at work, it’s best to plan ahead to eat healthy rather than trying to find something that’s healthier to eat on the fly.  This post has six healthy lunch ideas to get you started planning for a low calorie lunch.

2. Gluten Free Diet – Though this diet is a medical requirement for those with Celiac Disease, it’s becoming more popular among the general population.  Find out if we were meant to consume gluten from an evolutionary diet perspective.

3. Do Carbs Cause Atherosclerosis? Carbs or carbohydrates are necessary in our diet to provide needed energy particularly for the brain and heart.  However, many of us consume more carbs than we actually need.  Does this excessive consumption lead to heart disease?

4. Jillian Michaels under attack? Jillian Michaels is a source of inspiration for many who’re trying to lose weight.  She’s known as a celebrity fitness instructor from her role on the television show, The Biggest Loser.  Is Jillian providing sound advice for her clients?

5. World Obesity Statistics 2010 –  Obesity incidence continues to rise in what many refer to as the obesity epidemic.  Find out which countries have the biggest problem with obesity.

6. Primal Recipes – The paleo or paleolithic diet is another popular diet which focuses on eating from an evolutionary perspective.  Modern man did not evolve eating the foods that he consumes today.  Find out how you can cook with paleo.

7. Power Poses – New emerging research suggests that how you site or maintain your posture and body language can actually have physiological effects.  In particular, certain poses can actually help to elevate your testosterone levels.

8. Jackie Warner – Jackie’s another celebrity fitness trainer who’s recently launched a new online weight loss program.  It includes personal contact with a certified personal trainer who provides diet and exercise tips.

9. Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men – Commonly referred to by the euphemism, ED, it’s no laughing matter apparently even in younger males.  Find out why you may have problems when the moment is right…

10. Water and Weight Loss – People often wonder if drinking water really can help you to shed pounds and lose weight.  Find out the latest research on water and weight loss.

Green tea and your health

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=green+tea&iid=9267698″ src=”″ width=”500″ height=”688″ /]

Yeah, that’s Nicky Hilton in the above photo drinking green tea from what appears to be Starbucks.  Does Nicky Hilton know something that you don’t about the potential health benefits of green tea?  Well, the easy answer to that is just “maybe’ or ‘maybe not.’  Most people drink green tea for its refreshing taste.

Little know facts about green tea include that green tea can promote weight loss. From the linked study, participants lost 5.1 kg compared to placebo after just 8 weeks.  Now, that’s gotta be the easiest way to lose over 10 lbs I ever heard of.

Part of the reason for this might be the benefits of green tea on glucose tolerance.    It’s been shown to improve glucose tolerance in various studies.  It also has unrelated health benefits for your cardiovascular system and might prevent the development and progression of coronary calicification.

Though there are many health benefits from consuming green tea, it might actually lower your serum levels of folate.  This can be a particular concern for pregnant women.

Gatorade’s new social media command center

Should your company be taking social media seriously?  Ask Gatorade:  Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center.  Gatorade has stepped it up with a new social media center that monitors Tweets from Twitter in real time and trending topics as well.  That amounts to real-time reputation and brand monitoring.   Social media is quickly overpowering traditional SEO methods as well.  With the June introduction of Google’s Caffeine algorithm, traditional SEO methods are becoming less reliable.

Health and fitness blogging issues

For those looking to connect to other health and fitness blog writers, it can be more challenging than you would image.  Yes, it’s not easy to weed out the bad blogs health and fitness blogs.

Here’s a list of some good quality health and fitness blogs to make this search a little easier for you.

Health Habits

– Written by Douglas Robb, a personal trainer who lives in Toronto, it’s an entertaining and informative fitness blog that provides a wide range of information from specific workout tips, news and research, as well as info about workout supplements.

Supplement Updates

Supplement updates is a dietary supplement blog that provides news and research updates for nutrition, dietary supplements, vitamins, sport supplements, and other tips for weight loss as well as anti-aging.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a fitness blog maintained by Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead.  Jenn Walters is a certified personal trainer.  Both of the blog’s authors are journalism grads.  see:  Fit Bottomed Girls.

Just Flourishing

Written by Jenna Gubermann, an aspiring dietitian attending school in New York City:  Just Flourishing.

Train Daly –

Traindaly is a fitness blog maintained by a personal trainer in NYC with some good workout and exercise tips.