Raw Food Diet Overview?

Over the past few years, one diet that’s become increasingly popular is the Raw Food Diet.  While some will say that the raw diet or raw food diet as it’s alternately referred to is simply a passing fad, others will take offense to that statement.  Raw foodies as they call themselves are very passionate about their meal plans.  For them, eating raw food has more than simple health benefits or connotations as the raw food experience encapsulates more of a lifestyle choice as well as a philosophical belief system.

Raw foodies will often suggest that cooking food destroys many of the nutrients that are inherently present in food.  As well, they’ll point to the potential dangers of cooked and processed food throwing around terms like ‘toxins’ which can damage your body.

Is this just another passing fad or is there some merit to the raw food diet?

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Nine natural remedies for gout?

Gout can be a painful condition which commonly affects the large toe.  Gout itself has gotten a bad rap as the ‘disease of kings’ over the years because it’s associated with your intake of purines found in red meat.

It’s actually a metabolic condition which means there are important dietary factors associated with gout.

Research has long show that one of the natural remedies for lowering your uric acid levels is simply consuming bing sweet cherries.  Accordingly, consuming 280 g of bing sweet cherries has been shown to have possible benefits.  It’s speculated that the vitamin C found in these cherries is largely responsible for this effect.

For more natural remedies for gout, follow the link.

Vitamin D Recommendations

Recently, the Institute of Medicine has released new recommended nutrient intake guidelines for vitamin D.  To some, the new recommendations represent only a modest increase over previous guidelines.

Already the new guidelines have met with some controversy and criticism as well.

Here’s a summary of the new Vitamin D Recommendations:

  • Most people (1 – 70 years old):  600 IU per day
  • Elderly (>70 years old):  800 IU per day

Here’s the complete infographic for Vitamin D and Calcium intake recommendations:

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The Ryan Reynolds Workout plan?

It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds has one of the top physiques among the Hollywood “A list” of actors.  If you’re trying to find out how you can go from skinny to muscular / ripped like Ryan Reynolds, here’s some great tips:

Ryan Reynolds Workout

So, I re-invented the Deadpool workout and spent the summer beta testing it on some willing victims up here in Toronto.

And, if I say so myself, I have come up with a seriously kick-ass training program.

Over 3 months, my 4 scrawny test subjects:

  • Gained between 5 and 14 lbs of muscle
  • Increased their max strength between 55 & 197% (Front Squat)
  • Saw their speed, power & anaerobic endurance go through the roof (Hill Sprints)
  • And, oh yeah, they also lost a ton of baby-fat in the process.
  • The average body-fat percentage at the beginning of the test was 21%.
  • At the end of the 3 months, the average body-fat was down to 9% (a Bod-Pod was used to measure BF%)

Magnesium for asthma?

Asthma is a very common, yet chronic condition that affects approximately 10% of adults.  For those who suffer from asthma, it can have a negative impact on their quality of life.

New research suggests that one treatment option for those who suffer from asthma is magnesium.  Magnesium for asthma is an appealing option for many since it’s natural and safe.

Research also suggests that many patients with asthma are actually deficient in magnesium.

In terms of the most common supplementation study, most studies have specifically looked at the salt, magnesium citrate, large for absorption reasons.

Magnesium deficiency is also very common in hospitalized patients, diabetics, and those who absue alcohol.

In terms of side effects, no significant side effects were reported in a recent research study on supplementation with magnesium citrate in asthmatics.

Healthy Lunch Ideas

For many of us, we don’t plan our meals ahead of time.  The common and inevitable end result is that we eat whatever we feel like when ever it suits us.  Obviously, this diet approach will only lead to one probably outcome:  obesity.

If you’re looking to shed some pounds or just lose that muffin top, one of the best things you can do is to plan your meals ahead of time.

Though it may take a little more time to plan your meals in advance, once completed, you’ll be on your way to eating a healthier diet.

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work:

  1. Soup and sandwich
  2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich PB&J
  3. Leftovers
  4. Frozen meals such as Lean Cuisine
  5. Salad – easy on the dressing
  6. Freeze-dried food

Benefits of the Gluten-Free Diet

One of the more popular diets over the past few years has been the Gluten-Free Diet.  For those with Celiac Disease, the gluten-free diet is a medical necessity, yet others are choosing to go gluten-free to benefit from the health advantages.

Gluten hasn’t historically been a normal component of our diet from an evolutionary perspective.  Some people suggest that they suffer from a whole host of health complaints that are related to consuming gluten.  In turn, they often choose to eliminate gluten from their diet.

If you’re thinking of going gluten-free yourself, here are some of the possible health benefits of the gluten-free diet.

Potential health benefits of the gluten-free diet:

  1. Improve digestion
  2. Improve energy levels
  3. Improve your skin (for those with hyperkeratosis pilaris)
  4. Lower your cholesterol levels