Nine natural remedies for gout?

Gout can be a painful condition which commonly affects the large toe.  Gout itself has gotten a bad rap as the ‘disease of kings’ over the years because it’s associated with your intake of purines found in red meat.

It’s actually a metabolic condition which means there are important dietary factors associated with gout.

Research has long show that one of the natural remedies for lowering your uric acid levels is simply consuming bing sweet cherries.  Accordingly, consuming 280 g of bing sweet cherries has been shown to have possible benefits.  It’s speculated that the vitamin C found in these cherries is largely responsible for this effect.

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Coffee and your health?

Have you ever wondered if drinking coffee is bad for your health?  Intuitively, many of us already have concerns that drinking coffee might elevate our blood pressure or affect our blood sugar levels.  What does the latest research suggest in terms of the effects of caffeine or coffee consumption on our health?

Here’s a two-part series about the effects of drinking coffee:

Part 1:  Is coffee bad for you?

Part 2:  Is coffee bad for you-coffee and cancer?