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10 Natural remedies for the common cold

If you’ve missed it, it’s now cold & flu season.  For most of us, this is just a general nuisance, but for others with weakened immune function, it can be more serious.

The common cold is causes by over 100 different viruses, but most often is caused by a rhinovirus.  Common symptoms of the cold include a low-grade fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, and headache.

Basic tips to beat the common cold:

If you’re looking to beat the common cold, you should always remember to wash your hands regularly.  It’s also important to limit your stress levels since they can affect your immune system.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Also, get regular sleep.

If it’s too late and you’re already sick, what can you do?

Here’s a list of cold and flu remedies that you should check out.

From this list of natural cold remedies, we can see that both Siberian as well as American Ginseng can be potentially helpful according to recent studies at reducing the duration of the common cold.

What’s more is that Andrographis Paniculata may also be effective–particularly at reducing some of the symptoms such as runny nose and nasal congestion associated with the common cold.

Even simple remedies such as drinking hot beverages or even chicken noodle soup have been shown to provide some temporary relief from cold symptoms.

Vitamin C and D may also play an important role in reducing the duration of colds.

For more information about cold weather and respiratory illness, follow the link.

Benefits of Pycnogenol?


Extracts of marine pine bark are sold as a dietary supplement marketed under the proprietary name, Pycnogenol®.  Over the past several years, Pycnogenol has been studied for numerous potential health benefits from every medical condition ranging from arthritis or diabetes to glaucoma or attention-deficit disorder.

For a review of the benefits of pycnogenol, follow the link.

Extracts of Pinus pinaster have a long history in traditional medicine or ethnomedicine.  Commonly, these extracts are referred to as marine pine bark extract–they’re sold as a dietary supplement known by the proprietary name, Pycnogenol®.

Marine pine bark extract has established antioxidant effects and potential use in promoting cardiovascular health.  In fact, its antioxidant effects were known dating back to Hippocrates and were further established by modern scientists.

Dietary Supplements to increase strength and muscle mass?

If you spent hours every week in the gym lifting weights, you’d probably like to be able to cut your body fat and increase your lean muscle mass.  Starting with a healthy diet and adequate daily protein intake, you may find that you eventually hit that inevitable ‘plateau.’  For some people, they can get over that plateau for packing on muscle either by favorable genetics or by modifying their workout routine.

For others, they turn to supplementation with products designed to help you pack on muscle and increase your strength.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to decifer fact from fiction when it comes to bodybuilding supplements which are heavily promoted by marketing.

If you’re looking for supplements that have been well-researched, follow this link to find out which supplements help increase muscle mass and strength.

Here’s a peak at the list:

  • creatine monohydrate
  • whey protein
  • branched-chain amino acids
  • betaine
  • leucine
  • HMB

Also, while you’re at it, don’t miss these great protein shake recipes!

Magnesium for asthma?

Asthma is a very common, yet chronic condition that affects approximately 10% of adults.  For those who suffer from asthma, it can have a negative impact on their quality of life.

New research suggests that one treatment option for those who suffer from asthma is magnesium.  Magnesium for asthma is an appealing option for many since it’s natural and safe.

Research also suggests that many patients with asthma are actually deficient in magnesium.

In terms of the most common supplementation study, most studies have specifically looked at the salt, magnesium citrate, large for absorption reasons.

Magnesium deficiency is also very common in hospitalized patients, diabetics, and those who absue alcohol.

In terms of side effects, no significant side effects were reported in a recent research study on supplementation with magnesium citrate in asthmatics.

Natural treatments for bening prostate hyperplasia

How to treat an enlarged prostate naturally:

Having an enlarged prostate is not a laughing matter.  It’s also a very common medical condition.  Symptoms can include urinary frequency, urgency, and hesitancy among others.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is also know as ‘benign prostatic hypertrophy’ or just BPH.

What can you do to treat this condition?  Here’s a useful article about how to shrink your enlarged prostate naturally.

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Zinc sulfate for attention-deficit disorder?


Zinc sulfate helps attention-deficit disorder?

Attention-deficit disorder itself is a common disorder which affects 4-12% of elementary school children.  Symptoms of ADHD include features of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.  For children with ADHD, the disorder can interfere with social relationships and have a profoundly negative impact on their school performance.

Croatian researchers published a recent study discussing the role of zinc in the pathophysiology of attention deficit disorder.  As they noted, the neurotransmitter, dopamine, is one of the most important factors in this disorder.  Further, they noted that the hormone, melatonin, also plays a role in the regulation of dopamine.

To continue further, these researchers also discussed the role of the mineral, zinc, in the metabolism of melatonin.  Zinc sulfate has favorable effects in children with ADHD which suggests that zinc deficiency may play a role in the pathophysiology of ADHD.  In fact, preliminary investigations suggest that children with ADHD may have lower zinc concentrations than those that do not.

In a recent study, a dose of 55 mg/day of zinc sulfate improve symptoms of ADHD in children.  The study authors suggested that further studies are necessary to elucidate a more precise dosing regime for zinc sulfate in children with ADHD.


Dodig-Curković K, Dovhanj J, Curković M, Dodig-Radić J, Degmecić D.  [The role of zinc in the treatment of hyperactivity disorder in children]  Acta Med Croatica. 2009 Oct;63(4):307-13.

Top 10 Weight Loss Articles

For this blog post, I thought that I would compile a list of useful weight loss articles.  Many of us struggle to lose weight and as we age, it seems to get more difficult.

Clearly, diet and exercise are the two best options for losing weight.  The old adage about ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’ cannot be escaped.

Top 10 Weight loss Supplement Articles


1. Does Conjugated linoleic acid help you lose weight?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) refers to a mixture of isomers of linoleic acid which is found naturally in animal products of ruminant (any of the hoofed animals) sources including meat and diary products. Though CLA is a trans fat, many researchers claim that unlike other trans fatty acids, it is not actually harmful.


2. Does Grape Seed Extract help you lose weight?

“These findings suggest that grape seed could be effective in reducing 24 h EI in normal to overweight dietary unrestrained subjects, and could, therefore, play a significant role in body-weight management.”


3.  Low Carb Foods for weight loss.

Natural weight loss is a goal for many individuals who want to be healthier and low carb foods are a means to that end. There are so many healthy, low carb food options available now that the only real barrier to weight loss is a mental one.

4.  Protein Supplements for exercise and recovery:

A recent article published in the journal, The Physician and Sports Medicine (Kreider et al, 2009), concluded that adequate intake and appropriate timing of protein ingestion has been shown to be beneficial for endurance, anaerobic, and strength training.

5. Supersize me or maybe not…

In developed nations, obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Millions of Americans continue with weight issues and obesity. Obesity itself has been linked to numerous health conditions including osteoarthritis, type II diabetes, sleep apnea, as well as cardiovascular disease.

6. Battle of the Bulge:

Obesity continues to reach epidemic proportions in developed nations. For people who suffer from obesity, choosing a diet that not only works but one that they are capable of adhering too can be a difficult challenge

7. Does Chitosan help you lose weight?

Chitosan is a dietary supplement ingredient which is found in supplements which are intended to promote weight loss and is available worldwide.   Other potential benefits on Chitosan include a possible reduction in cholesterol from taking the supplement.

8. Herbs that help you burn fat:

Herbal supplements can help you to burn fat fast. It is, however, unlikely that any herb will cause weight loss if it is not taken in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. The benefit of natural fat burning herbal supplements is that they can help you to lose body fat faster than diet and exercise alone.

9. Getting paid to shed pounds:

There are plenty of reasons for Welmoed Sisson to lose weight. She’d feel better, be healthier and fit into that skirt she wore 20 years ago before she became obese. She knows all this, and yet there may be only one incentive powerful enough to get the 49-year-old resident of Gaithersburg, Md., to pass on the delicious steaks her husband cooks. The motivator? Cold, hard cash.

10. What impact does weight reduction have on osteoarthritis?

A recent randomized trial concluded that an intensive weight loss intervention program of diet and exercise improved physical function in older obese adults with knee osteoarthritis (OA) (Miller et al, 2006).