Energy Drinks Side Effects?

Over the past few years, the popularity of energy drinks has literally skyrocketed.  One related concern for many parents involves the vast quantity of these drinks that they’re children consume.

Do you have an adolescent who drinks 2 or more energy drinks on a daily basis?  If so you’re probably concerned about the potential side effects that may result.

According to recent research, here’s a list of possible side effects from energy drinks:

  1. Seizures have been reported
  2. Stroke
  3. Heart related problems:  arrhythmia , heart attacks, increase in blood pressure
  4. Seizures

Reviews of studies on Energy Drink Safety:

Again to corroborate previously supplied information, a review of studies listed on Medline regarding the safety of Energy Drinks yielded the following pieces of information.

First, from a study published in June of 2010 in the journal, The Physician and Sportsmedicine:

Guarana, which contains caffeine in addition to small amounts of theobromine, theophylline, and tannins, is also recognized as safe by the FDA, although it may lead to caffeine toxicity when combined with caffeine.

The combination of caffeine and guarana is one potential concern though each ingredient is generally regarded as safe when used alone.

Most energy drinks also contain sugar in an amount that exceeds the maximum recommended daily amount.

The amount of sugar found in energy drinks can be quite alarming.

Energy drinks combined with alcohol are also gaining popularity in young adults, which poses significant concerns about health risks.

Though there hasn’t been a wealth of research on this topic, the combination of Red Bull and Vodka, can be dangerous particularly since younger adults often consume an excess of both while drinking.

Other health concerns related to consumption of energy drinks include case reports of seizures and cardiac arrest following energy drink consumption and dental enamel erosion resulting from the acidity of energy drinks.

Dental enamel erosion isn’t often discussed, but it can be a concern given the PH of energy drinks.